Dual Wall Hot Melt Heat Shrink Tube

Dual Wall Hot Melt Heat Shrink Tube

Basic informati

Product CL-DWT
Shrink Temperature 110ºC
Temperature Range 55ºC~125ºC
Radial Shrinking Ratio 2:1 three:1 four:1
Longitudinal Shrinking Ratio ±10%
Tensile Power ≥10.4MPa
Elongation Ratio ≥200%
Ageing in circulating-air oven (158±1.)ºC,7days
Soon after getting older Tensile Power ≥7.3MPa
Elongation Ratio ≥100%
Dielectric Voltage Endure 600V
Flammability VW-one

Item Description

Dual Wall heat shrinkable tube is a semi-adaptable heat-shrinkable tube with a hot-melt adhesive within. The outer layer is composed of radiation-crosslinked polyolefin. The internal layer is a specially designed gelled inner wall. When heated, the interior wall melts and shrinks with the outer wall. Fill the pores or gaps, and right after cooling, the wall thickness of Dual Wall heat shrinkable tube is uniform and organization. It is broadly used in the waterproofing of digital gear, the sealing of wire branches, the corrosion defense of metallic pipelines, and the prevention of looseness and shedding brought on by the relaxation of polymer chains, this kind of as underwater lights, car tubing, and sophisticated wiring harnesses.

Radial Shrinking Ratio   3:1
Dimensions provided Right after CZPTvery Packing Duration
Min ID Min ID Overall Wall Thickness Nominal Adhesive Wall (Meter/Roll)
Ф3.2/one. ≥3.20 ≤1.00 one.00±0.twenty .50±0.ten 200m/roll
Ф4./one.four ≥4.00 ≤1.40 1.00±0.twenty .40±0.10 200m/roll
Ф4.8/1.six ≥4.80 ≤1.60 1.10±0.twenty five .50±0.10 100m/roll
Ф6.4/two.1 ≥6.40 ≤2.ten 1.20±0.25 .50±0.ten 100m/roll
Ф7.nine/2.six ≥7.90 ≤2.60 1.30±0.25 .50±0.10 1.22m/pcs
Ф9.5/3.1 ≥9.fifty ≤3.10 1.35±0.twenty five .60±0.12 one.22m/pcs
Ф10.5/3.five ≥10.fifty ≤3.50 1.40±0.twenty five .60±0.12 1.22m/pcs
Ф12.7/4.two ≥12.70 ≤4.twenty 1.75±0.30 .80±0.15 one.22m/pcs
Ф15.7/5.2 ≥15.70 ≤5.twenty one.75±0.thirty .80±0.15 1.22m/pcs
Ф19.one/6.3 ≥19.10 ≤6.30 2.00±0.40 .80±0.15 1.22m/pcs
Ф25.4/eight.4 ≥25.forty ≤8.40 2.30±0.forty five one.00±0.twenty one.22m/pcs
Φ30/10. ≥30.00 ≤10.00 2.40±0.forty five one.00±0.20 one.22m/pcs
Φ40/thirteen. ≥40.00 ≤13.00 2.55±0.forty five one.00±0.twenty one.22m/pcs
Radial Shrinking Ratio   4:one
Size supplied Soon after CZPTvery Packing Duration
Min ID Min ID Overall Wall Thickness Nominal Adhesive Wall (Meter/Roll)
Ф4./1. ≥4.00 ≤1.00 one.00±0.28 .40±0.10 200m/roll
Ф8./2. ≥8.00 ≤2.00 one.10±0.28 .50±0.ten one.22m/pcs
Ф12./three. ≥12.00 ≤3.00 one.40±0.28 .80±0.20 one.22m/pcs
Ф16./four. ≥16.00 ≤4.00 1.78±0.38 .80±0.fifteen one.22m/pcs
Ф24./six. ≥24.00 ≤6.00 two.25±0.fifty five .80±0.fifteen one.22m/pcs
Φ32./8. ≥32.00 ≤8.00 two.54±0.fifty five one.00±0.20 1.22m/pcs
Φ52./13. ≥52.00 ≤13.00 2.60±0.fifty five one.00±0.20 one.22m/pcs


Dual Wall Hot Melt Heat Shrink Tube


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